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Madison Scouts Alum Steve Weekes founded "Rockin' For A Cure" and asked that the event be carried on with these fundamental ingredients:

   Live Music

   ALS Awareness

  Friends, Family, Volunteers

   Engagement of Local ALS Patient Community 

   Donations for Patient Support & Research Funds

   Madison Scouts Brotherhood

The Rockin' For A Cure Organizing Committee has taken Steve's vision and built an honorable tradition with the assistance of the Madison Scouts and many great ALS organizations, including the Muscular Dystrophy  Association, The ALS Therapy Development Fund, and The ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter. 

Rockin' For A Cure is committed to:

  1. Building an ALS Community around this event, based on the synergy of the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps, the Alumni, and the ALS Community in Madison and surrounding communities.

  2. Promoting ALS awareness with literature and guest speakers.

  3. Donating proceeds to ALS research and patient support. 

  4. Supporting and honoring the Weekes' Family for their caregiving efforts for our dear friend, Steve.

  5. Honoring the lives of other Madison Scouts Alumni who are casualties of ALS.  

    The Honor Guard
    A tribute to fallen Madison Scouts Alumni with ALS --- 

    Mike McKenna, Chuck Eikel, and Steve Weekes

  6. Maintaining a robust volunteer organization through Madison Scouts alumni and local ALS families

  7. Connecting the goals of Rockin' For A Cure with the mission of the Madison Scouts.......

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Founder, Steve Weekes










Mike McKenna and Family










Organizing Committee

frank gonzales (scouts alum 82,83,84,MSARP)
glenn moralez (scouts alum 82,83,84,MSARP)
steve moralez (scouts alum 83,84,85,MSARP)
tim spilde (scouts alum 74jr,75jr,76jr,77jr,78jr,79,80,81,82,83,85,MSARP)
mike anello: event director (scouts alum 82,83,MSARP)
dave peters (committee member from 2009)

[email protected]


Madison Scouts

For over 74 years the Madison Scouts has developed and shaped young menís lives through musical enrichment and performance arts. Values such as honesty, integrity and accountability are taught and practiced through the activity that is modern day drum & bugle corps. A commitment to personal excellence and altruism serves as the foundation for the ultimate goal of teaching our members important life changing skills that will guide them now and in the future.

All Proceeds Benefit 
The ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter for Research and Patient Services

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Rockin' For A Cure Headquarters

3238 South 24th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Rockin' For A Cure
April 12th, 2014